Mandela bridge opened

Nelson Mandela's daughter and granddaughter spoke movingly about how much this bridge/island space means for his memory and thanked the people of Liverpool for their struggle against apartheid. They spoke about the importance of gardens to Nelson Mandela and of building bridges and respecting differences.

 As Chair of FOPP I feel sure that we can go forward together, ensuring that the island space is used for education about wildlife and the environment and ensuring that wildlife on the island is protected. I feel that both Mandeal8 and Liverpool City Council fully understand the importance of maintaining safe havens on the island for wildlife, and we will be inspecting the island together in the near future to come up with concrete actions to ensure this as much as possible.

Photographs of the Mandela family with Sonia Bassey and Stephen Nze from Mandela8, the architect and Liam Robinson, leader of Liverpool City Council, and an inscription on one of the limestone seats on the island can be found at  Friends of Princes Park L8