Launch of Friends of Princes Park tree marker post project Sunday 12 September 2021

Launch of Friends of Princes Park tree marker post project Sunday 12 September 2021
At 12 mid-day at the new notice board near the Sunburst gates, Friends of Princes Park (FOPP) are delighted to be launching this exciting project funded by Liverpool City Region Community Environment Fund on Sunday 12/09/21. The project enables the 150 individual specimen trees we have planted over the last 10 years to be identified, and to be part of an educational resource for people using the park. Each tree now has a marker post with a number and a QR code linked to the tree information on our website. Local councillor and FOPP volunteer Lucille Harvey will be launching the project.

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FOPP are a group of park users and local people who work in partnership with Liverpool City Council to maintain and improve the park for the benefit of all its users. We plant and tend to trees, and contribute to other park improvements, e.g., seating, play and sports areas.
Our project is in Princes Park in the heart of Liverpool 8 a diverse but deprived inner-city area. Princes Park is well used by many different communities and over the last year the park has been used extensively by local people to exercise, rest, picnic and enjoy the wildlife.

People often ask us about the beautiful trees we have planted, and we wanted to make this
information easily available to all who have access to the internet, especially to young people including local school pupils. The park is surrounded by schools with many others nearby.
Over the last six months FOPP volunteers, nearly all of whom are local residents, have installed an oak marker post by each specimen tree. Many people are already using this information. For those without access to a smart phone we have made a tree map which is now on our newly refurbished notice board.
FOPP thanks everyone who has been involved and supported this project, especially our volunteers and Liverpool City Region Combined Authority.

Katy Gardner, Chair of FOPP 01/09/2021

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