All the very best for the New Year and we hope some of you can join us this month...

All the very best for the New Year. We hope some of you can join us this month as we have lots of work to do creating wildlife haven for the birds on the island. Its going very well so far but we have lots more to do. On Jan 14 we will be planting prickly bushes as part of the barriers. Should look great and be very effective along with the fencing and willow hurdles.  

We are looking forward to all the bulbs St Silas school planted with us coming up in the spring. Tracey (I think!) took this great photo of the children taking a break that I think sums up what we try to do. And I took this one of the lake birds having a chilled time.

Thanks to everyone who helped this year, either by volunteering or donating. In 2024 we may need your help with donations as we hope to replace the Henge platform which is now rotten. Amazingly John Merril, who originally built the Henge, is keen to replace the platform in a simpler but lovely way. We just have to find the money!. More soon!
All the best from
(Katy and Laura co-chairs )